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How to Install any ROM on Xiaomi Without unlock Bootloader or PC

Install any ROM on Xiaomi

Xiaomi has more than one ROM, Chinese, international, Indonesian, Indian, Taiwanese, Turkish, European, and Russian. The difference between them is in the support of network frequencies, meaning this global one supports all the frequencies that are supposed to work in all countries, while the rest contains the frequencies that will work better in their region ( As far as I know, this reduces the cost). Each country will have certain laws and standards, I mean China does not have Google services and you need to download them manually. In this article, you will learn how to Update XIAOMI Device without any computer and without unlocking the bootloader, with this method you can Install any ROM on Xiaomi, if your device is global you can turn it in India or Indonesia or Russia, or china ROM without using any computer or unlocking bootloader, just follow the guide bellow

Is the way to install the ROM without unlocking the bootloader safe?
The answer is no because it has a big risk, you can break your phone completely and it was not working. However, the method worked with many very people. That is why I said it is not guaranteed, I mean, it is very likely that you will have a problem.

How do you know the ROM you have, global, India, Russia, Indonesia…?
Go to settings, about phone. Here you will find in front of the word MIUI version written the version, for example, V12.5.3.0.RJUMIXM
The first letter R means the version of Android, Android 11.
The second and third letter JU is the mobile code and this is the code for POCO X3 Pro.
The fourth and fifth letters are the countries that interest us and you will know from them the version of the ROM for your mobile. Here MI means Global.

ID = Indonesian
MI = Global
CN = Chinese
EU = European
RU = Russian
TW = Taiwanese
TR = Turkish
IN = Indian

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How to Install any ROM on Xiaomi Via Updater

  • First, you need to Download the Same Miui version on your Xiaomi device
    • Download the recovery ROM.
  • For example: if your Xiaomi device running the Miui 12.5.5 Global ROM
  • Download the other ROM you want on Xiaomi. Download the recovery ROM.
  • China/Global/India/Indonesia/Russia…
  • Settings => About Device => MIUI Version

  • 3 dots => Choose Update Package => Choose the same ROM you downloaded that running on your Xiaomi device.
    • For example Miui 12.5.5 Global ROM
  • Don’t click on Robot & Update & go to the Home page.

  • Find the Global ROM that you downloaded => 3 dots => Rename.

  • Copy all the name of the global ROM then change the Name to any name you want

  • Rename the other ROM you want on your Xiaomi then Paste the Global ROM name.

  • Go back to the Updater page then tap on Robot & update
  • Your Xiaomi device will begin upgrading. Wait until the update is completed.

  • Congratulations your Xiaomi device was updated without any computer and without unlocking the bootloader.

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  1. Thanks for all this work it’s really great Youssef abouza I want to ask just before I go to flash my phone redmi K40 with updater or the recoverymode if I have a Global rom in mmy phone but I want to change it to the Chinese ROM it’s that possible or wil lead to crash my phone system. Waiting for the answer thank you

  2. I did the method explained above it does int work for me :/ I dont know why he said can’t verifey update please install an official ROM I want to change my global rom wich were wroten Mui for POCO I didnt like so I like to change it to chinese ROM for better experience so please help thank you

  3. I did it Sir 😊 exactly the same and even place them to download folder 📂 and downloaded-rom when it comes to change the name of the mui version then go back to the update and click on update he says can’t verify Update and I can’t downgrade ROM when I choose to donwgrade mui same things to update ROM “can’t verify Update” please download official ROM 😑😔

    • For me it’s just appear update not reboot and update and when I go to home screen my files change the ROM same Version of My phone copy the name for the ROM I want to update and go back to the updater click oppps can’t verify Update and couldn’t verify update package I try a lot a version in every time same thing it’s make me crazy really 🤔😔😑

  4. It’s Poco F3 and Redmi K40 has The same ROM? because when I download both of them is the same name and capacity I have The Redmi K40 Chinese phone but when I buy it and reboot the phone Logo Poco it’s appear not the Redmi and when you go to setting about phone I found Mui version (for Poco) so what that means and that’s why the method doesn’t work for me it’s that possible please need help I want to change it to Redmi K40 Mui RKHCNXM Chinese Version

  5. It’s never appear for me update and reboot on the updater it’s only do you want upload with Mui RKHMIXM click on Cancel or Update when I try update he update and the file of ROM disappear from the folder Download and downloaded_rom then it’s appear reboot or reboot later on the updater MUi this is first ok second when I try not to update and go to home screen go to files change the ROM name and copy paste to the new ROM Chinese version that I want like you suggested to me RKHCNXM he load just a little second the updater say can’t verify update couldn’t verify update package it’s works for so many people maybe 🤔 the updater method don’t work for me it’s been 3 days trying downloading different ROM Chinese global Beta version I will try with the hard reset and see if it works or not after that I can do nothing 😭😪😓

  6. Hi,
    is this working to redmi note 8 global
    I want change rom to indonisia for Call recording
    But i do not know what to do
    Pleas help me.

  7. I did the same process. Downloaded same rom as my phone have and the other rom I want to shift. But it says “Sorry, flash to this stable version is note allowed”. I’m in miui Device redmi 7a. Does this process only work in miui 12.5?

  8. Sir
    I tried this procedure to my device Redmo note 10 pro india rom with Indonesia rom. But I am getting error” Install Update Zip failed”. Is it possible to change India rom to Indonesia rom.

  9. When I used rollback rom then display you can’t use old version of rom
    And when I used indonesia rom then display can’t verify update package message I will try lot’s of time please help me I want mi dailer


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