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How to Flash XIAOMI Stock Firmware – All Methods

XIAOMI Stock Firmware

MIUI (MI User Interface) is a stock firmware for XIAOMI smartphones and tablet based on Android operating system, MIUI includes various features such some features that the company feels would be useful (Themes, Dual Apps, Call Recording, WiFi password Sharing, Scrolling screenshot support, Full-screen Gestures, App lock…) that provide an excellent user experience. MIUI also receives fast updates that give you access to new improvements and fixes bugs and more stability to your Xaiomi smartphone. In this article, you will learn how to Update XIAOMI Stock Firmware – All Methods to MIUI Stable ROM based on Android OS.

All Xiaomi device run Miui except some device that runs the Android one, the Official MIUI available in two versions Global ROM and China ROM. If you use Xiaomi smartphone and want to update your Xiaomi device to the latest version of Miui ROM This guide will show you how to update your Xiaomi to the latest MIUI version. All Methods


Flash Xiaomi stock Firmware Via Updater

  • Download & Copy the download ROM file to the internal storage or SD card into the folder ‘downloaded_rom’.
  • On the Setting on your device, Go to About phone =>> System update then click on the three Dots at the top right corner

  • Select choose update package

  • Then select the ROM file you’ve put in downloaded_rom

  • Your Xiaomi device will begin upgrading. Wait until the update is completed.

Flash Xiaomi Firmware Via flash tool

  • Run XiaomiMiFlash.exe Tool.
  • Restart your Xiaomi mobile in Fastboot mode.

    • Power off your device.
    • Press and hold The Power button + Volume Down key together for a few seconds.
    • Then Connect your Xiaomi to your PC/laptop via USB cable.
  • Click on Select and browse to the folder where you have Unzip the downloaded ROM file then press Ok.

  • Click on Refresh button you will see that your device connected to port com.

  • Select on Clean all and lock button in Xiaomi mi flash tool.
    • Clean All: The process will flash full Fastboot ROM without leaving anything (include user data will remove) except bootloader don’t change
    • Save User Data: The process will flash Fastboot ROM and leave user data unchanged
    • Clean All and Lock: The process like the Clean All..but this one including bringing back bootloader to locked state again.

  • Now click on the Flash button to begin the flashing progress.
  • Once your ROM is successfully flashed, you’ll see green bar inside MiFlashtool.

Flash Xiaomi Firmware Via TWRP

Download & Copy the download update ROM file to the internal storage or SD card.

Restart your Xiaomi mobile in Recovery mode.

  • Power off your device.
  • Press and hold The Power button + Volume Up key together for a few seconds.

Click Wipe and scroll down and choose Advanced wipe and swipe to confirm Wipe.

Go back to the TWRP main menu, tap on Install and select the update ROM file that you transferred to your device above.

Swipe to Confirm Flash on the bottom of the screen to begin the update ROM installation process.

Once the installation is finished, click on “Reboot System” to reboot your phone.

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  1. So here’s the thing I accidentally bricked my phone and I wanna know if I can flash my stock ROM directly from pc not like I have to place it in my phone.

  2. hi my phone is mi a2. can I use this method to flash mi 6x rom in to my A2. Also instead of using clean and lock method can’t we use save user data method?

  3. I have one bricked Redmi note 8 pro, but after flashing TWRP is working and late after rebooting they go to reboot loop.
    I was flashing boot.img (I thing from another version) and then phone is bricked, only have white led when connected USB cable.
    While pressing + volume i heared beep and one driver installed and after some second uninstalled. If I pressing minus volume while connecting USB is nothing happens. Please help

  4. Hi, thank you for this post. I’m flashing first time my Mi A3 with XiaomiMiFlash in fastboot mode, but after many seconds status become $ pause although the progress bar continue filling. After various minutes that progress bar is full i close the application and reboot smartphone and boot is normal. Why is the process paused? Thanks

  5. Good Evening..

    I got this problem of mine.. where my xiaomi tablet wife wont turn on.. bluetooth and other settings are all functional except it.

    Please do help me.. I cant afford to throw it because it is still fine.

    Thank you.

  6. My phone is Mi 3(2014) which is bootlooping. I can only access fastboot mode. My bootloader was locked. USB debugging was on but OEM unlocking was off. How can i unbrick it now? Repair stores are off due to corona virus. Thanks for your help.

  7. hi i am using redmi 5a.i have wifi and hotspot problem.i also updted my global rom 11(naugat 7.1.2) to 11.0.2(oreo 81.0).but i couldn’t solve the problem.can i solve this after downgrading to the factory version.please reply

  8. redmi note 9 must flashrom fastboot
    rom russia have thai language amd i want phone and sms miui app (don’t google app )

  9. redmi note 9 must flashrom fastboot
    rom russia have thai language and i want phone and sms miui app (don’t google app )

  10. The tutorial worked. Thanks. There’s just an error showing when I’m almost finished flashing the ROM by Mi Flash Method. But when the phone rebooted it’s working fine so I just unplugged the USB cable. I’m happy to find a tutorial and ROM that is not corrupted and didn’t brick my phone. 🙂

  11. Hi. YOUSSEF,
    I bought Xiaomi 10 Pro….but it’s in Chinese Rom version… And I need to convert it into Global ROM version… Can you provide me info+links… How to do it…

  12. hey i click clean all and lock by mistake . whenever i click wipe data and then recovery it brings me back main menu

    can u help me about that

  13. Hello! Thanks for the guide, willing to do it tomorrow. I just wanted to know if there is any possible way to make a backup of my current firmware.
    I need to update from a Vodafone brand, since I’m not getting updates, not even miui 12. I would like to have backup of my fw (can’t find it online), and I’m a bit afraid of failing and then not being able to restore.

  14. Mia1 ka miui 11 kab aayega
    Or full computer say he software ho twrp say nahi krna only pc say plz tell me… I m wating u r answer

  15. Hi My mi 5 Phone – mi account password forgot. so after i try hard reset . but now starting phone asking mi account password .. and i try with fastboot and firmware upgrade. it’s saying [Faild : remote devive is locked – Cannot erase] .. So Please Help me out..

  16. Hi , can i flash india rom on global rom redmi note 9s with lock bootloader using this method 😕
    Flash Xiaomi stock Firmware Via Updater

  17. I’m redimi 5 rosy user .but my phone have a problem play store not working and weak wifi signal .I need proper flash tools and stock room.

  18. I have Poco X3 NFC with 12.0.3 Global firmware. The bootloader is locked. Can I use Mi Flash (2020.3.14.0) to upgrade to 12.0.4 Global firmware even if bootloader is locked? If yes, do I select “clean all” only or “clean all and lock”? I want to use MiFlash so the phone can be cleaned/wiped entirely like brand new. System Updater and Factory Reset doesn’t clean entirely. Thanks.

  19. Hello! My device name is mi 5. it’s a global version. My phone was restarting itself. So, I factory reset my phone & after that the set up screen appeared, But after setting up the language & region, I can’t move on. The phone switched off by itself than again restarts. Thus I got stucked on the set up. I than went to the recovery mode & wiped the data, than selected reboot option. After rebooting the same set up appeared & again it restarts by itself. Can you tell what’s the problem of my phone ? & what’s the solution off this problem ? Note that the bootloader is looked. Is there any way to unlock the bootloader & fastboot stock rom ? Or can I fastboot stock rom without unloacking Bootloader ? Is there any other solution ? I don’t want my data back. I just wanna use my phone to work again. Please give me the possible solution’s for this.

  20. hi i have problem i cant find good stock firmware for my mi a2 because is brick with ubuntu touch and i am trying to flash stock rom on to it but i says missmach every time tried 20 sotck roms can enybody help mi tnx

  21. Hi, can i downgrade my Redmi S2 (Y2) from android 9 to android 8.1???
    Currently i’m in miui 12.0.2 with android 9.

  22. Hi , can I downgrade my Xiaomi redmi 5a miui to miui with lock bootloader using ‘ Flash Xiaomi stock Firmware Via Updater ‘ method ?
    Can my phone dead for Xiaomi anti rollback protection ?
    Or for other reasons ?
    Please help me .

      • Thank you for answering me. I have some questions about downgrade. Please solve them.
        Questions :
        1) Can I successfully rollback my Xiaomi redmi 5a miui to miui with lock bootloader using ‘ Flash Xiaomi stock Firmware Via Updater ‘ method ?
        2)If that will not work what can I do for downgrade my Xiaomi redmi 5a ?

  23. Thank you for answering me. I have some questions about downgrade. Please solve them.
    Questions :
    1) Can I successfully rollback my Xiaomi redmi 5a miui to miui with lock bootloader using ‘ Flash Xiaomi stock Firmware Via Updater ‘ method ?
    2)If that will not work what can I do for downgrade my Xiaomi redmi 5a ?

  24. Hi , my phone is Xiaomi redmi 5a , In the previous comments of me , you say ‘ downgrade to miui 10 then miui 9 ‘ but I am some questions about them please solve all questions. Please .
    1) Can I successfully downgrade my Xiaomi redmi 5a miui to miui with lock bootloader using ‘ Flash Xiaomi stock Firmware Via Updater ‘ method ?
    2) you say to ‘ downgrade to miui 10 then miui 9 ‘ but which version of miui 10 I use to downgrade ?
    3) can I downgrade by updater ?
    4) can my phone dead while downgrading by updater or other reasons ?
    I not want to dead or brick my phone . Please answer all questions in detail and please help me .

    • 1- FOR me I downgrade all my device via mi flash tool with unlocking bootloader & fastboot rom
      2- via mi flash tool with unlocking bootloader & fastboot rom any 10 rom
      3- i don’t try it
      4- with the mi flash tool nothing happens

  25. I downloaded the file and it gives mi citrus_global_images_V12.0.4.0.QJFMIXM_20210109.0000.00_10.0_global_5ae2a823e1.gz so i extracted it and there goes the image file. so how am I able to flash it on my poco m3? using a recovery?
    this is madness.

  26. Hi I have an Mi A1 and it got in a bootloop while I was trying something. Now somehow I got one Stock ROM flashed in the device (Android 8.1.0). Now I would like to have MIUI flashed in my mobile. Could you please suggest a method that I can follow?

  27. When I try to select the global ROM downloaded from here I get the following error: couldn’t find flash script. Any help with this?

  28. Poco X3 Pro :
    it doesn’t have the “Choose Update Package” in the Menu.
    Can it be Flash using built-in Recovery???

  29. I just bought a redmi k30 pro zoom edition. My rom is glogal (for poco) 12.2.6 and i want 12.5.2 CN. It’s ok if i try to flash this rom via updater (i already downloaded it from this site)?

  30. My phone’s it’s Redmi10x4G china stable Rom V12.5.0 android 11 and I want change to global room…can’t you help me what the file must be I downloaded.

  31. My Redmi 10X 4G China ROM(no choice of buying Global ROM because I bought it in China) was updated to MIUI 12 recently. After that, problem started. My google playstore, play services stop working… All my apps that depends on Google services stop working. What should I do… Pls help me with this problem… Really appreciate any help…

  32. bonjour j ai un redmi 6 je me souvies plus de mon adresse mail mi compte et plus lememe numero j ai réinitialiser le tel pour le donner a ma fille probleme sans sa je suis bloque sur this device is locked avec un code unlock code truc bidule et a chaque fois que j arrive a l étape miu11 pas sa me remet sur le this device is locked comment faire svp j arrive pas a passez l étape pour passez a l étape suivente merci cordiallement


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